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NTT Fruit Olive Ball YF 140cm
Item No. TL2226
Olive Green Single stem Natural 140 1 4 5055183981337
NTT Fruit Olive FY 180cm
Item No. TL9508
Olive Green Single stem Natural 180 1 2 5055183963388
SF Orchid B Phalaenopsis K P-White 98cm
Item No. TL7213
SF Rose Bud Fresh Touch Sgl Med w/2lvs
Item No. FT550Y
SF Rose Bud Fresh Touch Sgl Med w/2lvs
Item No. FT550AP
SF Rose Georgia Golden Yellow S 66cm
Item No. FTS122
Rose Yellow 66 0 1 5055183904848
SF Sweet Pea Flocked Blue 60cm
Item No. FT152
Purple 60 0 96 5055183989463
SF Sweet Pea Flocked Fuchsia Pink 60cm
Item No. FT153
Pink 60 0 96 5055183910702
SF Tropical Spath Clevelandii Pink
Item No. FT250PK
Spath Pink 0 1
SF Tropical Spath Clevelandii Yellow
Item No. FT250SG
Spath Yellow 0 1
SF-Peony Stem A Pink K 75cm
Item No. TL7685
SF-Peony Stem B White K 75cm
Item No. TL7684