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Flame Retardant FR

FireSilx is our range of inherently fire retardant plants and foliage. Fully certified to multiple worldwide standards and guaranteed for life. FireSilx products have been chosen for commercial projects all over the world by leading architects, landscapers and interior designers. Certificate copies are available on request.
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Foliage Artocarpus Green 78cm FR
Item No. TL1016
Artocarpus Green Broadleaf FR 78 12 48 5055183959190
Foliage Bamboo Green 76cm FR
Item No. TL300SPFR
Bamboo Green FR 76 24 240 5060012325329
Foliage Bamboo Oriental Green 55cm FR
Item No. TL903
Bamboo Green FR 55 24 240 5055183907900
Foliage Bay Laurel Green 50cm FR
Bay Green FR 50 12 240 5060012324360
Foliage Birch 144lvs 130cm FR
Item No. TL2270
Birch Green FR 130 12 48 5055183981931
Foliage Birch 70lvs 73cm FR
Birch Green FR 73 24 240 5055183909584
Foliage Blossom Pink YF 42cm FR
Item No. TL2656
Other Pink FR 42 12 144 5055183986752
Foliage Blossom White YF 42cm FR
Item No. TL2655
Other White FR 42 12 144 5055183986745
Foliage Calathea Makoyana FR 58cm
Item No. TL2530
Calathea Red FR 12 240 5055183985410
Foliage Capensia Nice Green Red 60cm FR
Capensia Red FR 60 24 240 5060012329624
Foliage Cordyline Green 74cm FR
Item No. TL1018
Cordyline Green FR 74 6 36 5055183959213
Foliage Croton Green 48lvs 90cm FR
Item No. TL913
Croton Green FR 90 12 120 5055183906163
Foliage Ficus 175 lvs 130cm FR
Item No. TL2271
Ficus Green FR 130 12 48 5055183981948
Foliage Ficus Exotica Grn 55lvs FR 75cm
Item No. TL004SP55G
Ficus Green FR 75 12 240 5055183904275
Foliage Ficus Exotica Top 39cm FR
Item No. TL1013
Ficus Green FR 39 36 360 5055183959176
Foliage Ficus Exotica Var 55lvs FR 75cm
Item No. TL004SP55V
Ficus Green Varigated FR 75 24 240 5055183904282
Foliage Flw Cherry Blossom Crm 118cm FR
Item No. TL7650
Cherry Blossom White Blossom FR 118 6 48 5055183945438
Foliage Flw Cherry Blossom DB Crm 72cm FR
Cherry Blossom White Blossom FR 72 12 144 5055183910627
Foliage Flw Cherry Blossom DB Pink 72cm FR
Cherry Blossom Pink Blossom FR 72 12 144 5055183910634
Foliage Flw Cherry Blossom Lt Pk FR 72cm
Item No. TL7008
Cherry Blossom Pink Blossom FR 12 144 5055183923559
Foliage Flw Cherry Blsm DB Pink 118cm FR
Item No. TL7651
Cherry Blossom Pink Blossom FR 118 6 48 5055183945445

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