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FR Plants

FireSilx is our range of inherently fire retardant plants and foliage. Fully certified to multiple worldwide standards and guaranteed for life. FireSilx products have been chosen for commercial projects all over the world by leading architects, landscapers and interior designers. Certificate copies are available on request.
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Plants Aglaonema Bush Variegated 85cm SF FR
Item No. TL3271
Aglaonema Green FR 85 5055183994399 1 48
Plants Alocasia Calidora DB 84cm FR
Item No. TL3312
Alocasia Green FR 84 5055183994863 2 6
Plants Base Aglaonema Bush Varie 48cm FR
Aglaonema Yellow FR 48 5055183901472 12 60
Plants Base Alocasia Bush DB 49cm FR
Item No. TL2521
Alocasia Green FR 49 5055183985328 12 120
Plants Base Boxwood Grn/Purp PI 40cm FR UV
Item No. TL3091
Boxwood Purple FRUV 40 5055183991862 12 60
Plants Base Boxwood Grn/Yell PI 40cm FR UV
Item No. TL3090
Boxwood Yellow FRUV 40 5055183991855 12 60
Plants Base Caladium Bush 40cm FR
Caladium Pink FR 40 5055183901465 12 60
Plants Base Cordyline Burg 62cm FR
Item No. TL7553
Cordyline Red FR 62 5055183941591 12 60
Plants Base Cordyline Grn/Yell 62cm FR
Item No. TL7554
Cordyline Yellow FR 62 5055183941607 12 60
Plants Base Fern Green YF 53cm FR
Item No. TL2657
Fern Green FR 53 5055183986769 24 240
Plants Base Fern Leather SF 48cm UVFR
Item No. TL1545
Fern Green FRUV 48 5055183974131 1 48
Plants Base Fern River Green SF 12lvs 45cm FR
Item No. TL9474
Fern Green FR 60 5055183963036 1 60
Plants Base Money Leaf SF 45cm FR UV
Item No. TL2516
Money Plant Green FRUV 45 5055183985274 8 64
Plants Base Podocarpus Brown PI 30cm FR UV
Item No. TL3096
Podocarpus Brown FRUV 30 5055183991916 24 240
Plants Base Podocarpus Brown PI 42cm FR UV
Item No. TL3093
Podocarpus Brown FRUV 42 5055183991886 12 96