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FR Air Plant - Calathea - Cycas - Zebra

FireSilx is our range of inherently fire retardant plants and foliage. Fully certified to multiple worldwide standards and guaranteed for life. FireSilx products have been chosen for commercial projects all over the world by leading architects, landscapers and interior designers. Certificate copies are available on request.
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Foliage Calathea Makoyana FR 58cm
Item No. TL2530
Calathea Red FR 12 240 5055183985410
Foliage Palm Cycas Leaves Large 106cm FR
Item No. TL922
Cycas Green FR 106 12 72 5055183913772
Grass Zebra Grass A in metal pot 50cm FR
Item No. TL7661
Zebra Green FR 50 1 6 5055183949511
Grass Zebra Grass B in metal pot 86cm FR
Item No. TL7662
Zebra Green FR 86 1 2 5055183949528
Grass Zebra Grass C in metal pot 114cm FR
Item No. TL7663
Zebra Green FR 114 1 2 5055183949535
I & T Airplant Trail YF 152cm FR
Item No. TL2654
Air Plant Green FR 152 3 18 5055183986738
I & T Airplant Vine DB 75cm FR
Item No. TL2527
Air Plant Green FR 75 6 60 5055183985380
Plants Base Potted Calathea 40lvs 77cm FR
Item No. TL7548
Calathea Green FR 81 1 8 5055183941546
Plants Base Potted Calathea Makoyana 58cm FR
Item No. TL7712
Calathea Red FR 58 1 8 5055183950135