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Flame Retardant Air Plant - Cycas - Fern - Green

FireSilx is our range of inherently fire retardant plants and foliage. Fully certified to multiple worldwide standards and guaranteed for life. FireSilx products have been chosen for commercial projects all over the world by leading architects, landscapers and interior designers. Certificate copies are available on request.
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Foliage Palm Cycas Leaves Large 106cm FR
Item No. TL922
Cycas Green FR 106 12 72 5055183913772
Foliage Palm Cycas Leaves Small 85cm FR
Item No. TL920
Cycas Green FR 85 12 96 5055183913758
I & T Airplant Trail YF 152cm FR
Item No. TL2654
Air Plant Green FR 152 3 18 5055183986738
I & T Airplant Vine DB 75cm FR
Item No. TL2527
Air Plant Green FR 75 6 60 5055183985380
I & T Feather Fern Trail YF 165cm FR
Item No. TL2662
Fern Green FR 165 12 48 5055183986813
I & T Feather Fern Trail YF 167cm FR
Item No. TL2653
Fern Green FR 167 6 36 5055183986721
I & T Fern Hanging Green FY 68cm FR
Item No. TL9494
Fern Green FR 68 12 72 5055183963241
Plants Base Boston Fern SF 52cm FR UV
Item No. TL2513
Fern Green FRUV 1 96 5055183985250
Plants Base Fern Green YF 53cm FR
Item No. TL2657
Fern Green FR 53 24 240 5055183986769
Plants Base Fern River Green SF 18lvs 70cm FR
Item No. TL9475
Fern Green FR 70 1 60 5055183963043
Plants Bird Nest Fern DB 83cm FR
Item No. TL2775
Fern Green FR 83 12 120 5055183988282
Plants Boston Fern 55cm PI FR UV
Item No. TL2926
Fern Green FRUV 55 1 120 5055183989982
Plants Boston Fern 70cm PI FR UV
Item No. TL2927
Fern Green FRUV 70 1 72 5055183989999
Plants Fern Boston Fern Bush 48cm FR
Item No. TL7669
Fern Green FR 58 6 48 5055183949597