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Pricing Update

I hope you are all well and surviving and adapting to the “New normal” whatever that may mean. No doubt you like us have been soul searching and trying to delve into the future and work out what “may” or perhaps more disturbingly may “not” happen going forward.

On a more positive note, we have had a good deal of time to review our business and look at ways of improving our systems, offerings and service going forward. On the negative side, we have had to deal with several factors that are putting real pressure on prices. The severe drop in our currency against the Dollar (our purchasing currency) is a significant issue and has been since the Referendum, and more recently, the increase in shipping rates as ships have been decommissioned in the wake of the global crisis. 

However, we firmly believe now is not the time to increase prices as we try to negotiate a gentle return to business normality. We have however looked at ways of improving our service levels while trying to become more efficient, something that is vital if we are to keep prices as competitive as possible.

As of July 1st 2020, we are proposing the following very small but necessary changes.

All trade prices and wholesale discounts will remain unchanged when goods are purchased in standard minimum wholesale quantities. These quantities will show on all company price lists, catalogues and the web store.

Minimum purchase quantities tend to be inners of small low-value items like stem flowers and foliage.
For example:
TL9428 SF Hydrangea Large Green/pink  
 6/24 Minimum order quantity x6.

Larger items, like trees and palms, will still be sold in singles.
For example: 
TL002 NTT Bay Laurel tree 
 1/2 Minimum order quantity x1

For some products, we have manually inputted breakpoints for a more reasonable minimum purchase quantity. These minimum purchase quantities will be clearly shown as part of the packing information in our catalogues and web store.
For example:
TL7204 SF Orchid Vanda K
 2/12/24Minimum order quantity x2.

We will still initially offer goods in less than minimum quantities, but your wholesale discount allowance will be removed, and standard wholesale list price will apply.

Thank you for taking the time to read this mail, and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our sales staff directly on the contact details below.

Kind regards,

 Mark Nesbitt
                                                     Managing Director