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Arrangements are a hand picked selection of decorative potted plants, flowers, trees and hanging baskets, all pots are filled with realistic faux soil. They offer an out of the box, maintenance free solution to instantly transform any living or work space. All arrangements are made to order and therefore not in stock on our web store. If you would like to order an arrangement please add the item to your basket as a back order and check out as normal. Delivery may take up to two weeks.
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AN-Bamburgh Gold Vase Begonia Flame 50cm
Item No. TL9609
Begonia Red 50 1 2 5055183958728
AN-Bamburgh Gold Vase Hyd Pink 50cm
Item No. TL9615
Hydrangea Pink 50 1 2 5055183958780
AN-Bamburgh Slv Hyd Pink 50cm
Item No. TL9613
Hydrangea Pink 50 1 2 5055183958766
AN-Bamburgh Slv Hydrangea Pink 50cm
Item No. TL9616
Hydrangea Pink 50 1 2 5055183958797
AN-Bamburgh Slv Leaf Hyd Blue 50cm
Item No. TL2988
Hydrangea Blue 50 5055183990629
AN-Bamburgh Slv Leaf Hyd Cream 50cm
Item No. TL9612
Hydrangea White 50 1 2 5055183958759
AN-Bay Laurel Ball Tree D 60cm
Item No. TL2699
Bay Green 60 1 2 5055183987230
AN-Bay Laurel Ball Tree in White Rato 145cm
Item No. TL2687
Bay Green 145 1 2 5055183987117
AN-Beauty Orchids XJ in Bamburgh Vase 90cm
Item No. TL2987
Orchid Pink 90 5055183990612
AN-Beauty Orchids XJ in Leaf Vase 70cm
Item No. TL9903
Orchid White 70 1 2 5055183967560
AN-Beauty Orchids XJ in Silver Bowl 75cm
Item No. TL2984
Orchid Pink 75 5055183990582
AN-Beauty Orchids XJ in Slv Ice Bucket 80cm
Item No. TL2974
Orchid Pink 80 5055183990483
AN-Beauty Orchids XJ in Tall Leaf Vase 85cm
Item No. TL2980
Orchid Pink 85 5055183990544
AN-Bird of Paradise Rato Square Pot 205cm
Item No. TL2605
Bird of Paradise Green 205 1 1 5055183986165
AN-Bird of Paradise Rato Square Pot 205cm
Item No. TL2604
Bird of Paradise Green 205 1 1 5055183986158
AN-Blue Hydrangea in Rnd Gr/Wh Pot 90cm
Item No. TL1896
Hydrangea Blue 90 5055183977880
AN-Bougainvillea 180cm White in Prague Pot
Item No. TL2735
Bougainvillea White 180 1 1 5055183987599
AN-Bougainvillea Pink in Prague Pot 100cm
Item No. TL2719
Bougainvillea Pink 100 1 1 5055183987438
AN-Bougainvillea Pink in Prague Pot 190cm
Item No. TL2734
Bougainvillea Pink 190 1 1 5055183987582
AN-Bougainvillea White in Prague Pot 130cm
Item No. TL2718
Bougainvillea White 130 1 1 5055183987421
AN-Buxus Ball 30 PR in Moc Tower 80cm
Item No. TL2966
Buxus Green 80 5055183990407
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