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Christmas Items

Premium Christmas with brilliantly low pricing, while stocks last.
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CH-Cypress Wreath w candle hdrs YF 70cm
Item No. TL9890
Cypress Green 70 5055183967430
CH-Potted Poinsettia White 26cm
Item No. AC0066
CH-Topiary Frosted Ball 36cm
Item No. AC0054
S-Garland With Snow 182cm
Item No. TL1825
Pine Green 182 5055183976883
S-Garland With Snow 202cm
Item No. TL1827
Pine Green 202 5055183976906
S-Pine and Deadwood Garland w/Frost 195cm
Item No. TL1778
Pine Green 195 5055183976395
S-Pine Garland 182cm
Item No. TL1707
Pine Green 182 5055183975688
S-Pine Garland 270cm
Item No. TL1776
Pine Green 270 5055183976371
S-Pine Wreath 60cm
Item No. TL1771
Pine Green 60 5055183976326
S-Pine Wreath 60cm
Item No. TL1763
Pine Green 60 5055183976241
S-Pine Wreath 80cm
Item No. TL1772
Pine Green 80 5055183976333
S-Pine Wreath with Cones 60cm
Item No. TL1767
Pine Green 60 5055183976289
S-Pine Wreath with frost 60cm
Item No. TL1759
Pine Green 60 5055183976203
S-Pine Wreath with frost 80cm
Item No. TL1760
Pine Green 80 5055183976210
S-Wreath 77cm
Item No. TL1822
Pine Green 77 5055183976852
SF Poinsettia Cream W 40cm
Item No. TL1285
Poinsettia White 40 12 144 5055183970881
SF Poinsettia Red W 40cm
Item No. TL1284
Poinsettia Red 40 12 144 5055183970874