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Our fantastic collection of potted items. A perfect 'out of the box' solution to brighten up any home, office, bar or hotel. In stock products are available for immediate dispatch. 
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PP Hyacinth Blue in Cement Pot PI 23cm
Item No. TL3152
Blue 23 5055183992838 1 12
PP Hyacinth Pink in Cement Pot PI 23cm
Item No. TL3150
Pink 23 5055183992814 1 12
PP Hyacinth White in Cement Pot PI 23cm
Item No. TL3151
White 23 5055183992821 1 12
PP Ivy Green in Slate Pot JM 35cm
Item No. TL3048
PP Lavender in Bowl 28cm x 50cm
Item No. TL3487
Lavender Purple 5055183996676 2 4
PP Lavender in Bowl 38cm x 50cm
Item No. TL3495
Lavender Purple 5055183996751 1 1
PP Lavender in Metal Pot 60cm
Item No. TL3489
Lavender Purple 60 5055183996690 1 6
PP Lavender in Slate JM 46cm
Item No. TL3055
Lavender Purple 46 5055183991442
PP Lavender in Slate Pot JM 36cm
Item No. TL3049
PP Lavender in Slate Trough JM 30cm
Item No. TL3056
PP Lavender in Trough 60cm
Item No. TL3490
Lavender Purple 5055183996706 1 3
PP Lavender Tray 12 pcs
Item No. TL3496
Lavender Purple 5055183996768 12 96
PP Mint in Glass Vase JA 18cm
Item No. TL3111
Mint Green 18 5055183992142 1 12
PP Peony Mix in Pot Cr/Pk/Yell GS 30cm
Item No. TL9490
Peony Multi 30 5055183963197 6 48
PP Phal in Blue/White China Pot YA 38cm
Item No. TL2416
Orchid White 38 5055183983744 2 24
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