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Pre-Potted Plants

Our fantastic collection of potted items. A perfect 'out of the box' solution to brighten up any home, office, bar or hotel. In stock products are available for immediate dispatch. 
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PP Aloe Green in Pot YF 52cm
Item No. TL3275
Aloe Green Cactus & Succulent 52 5055183994443 1 3
PP Aloe Mixed in Pot YF 42cm
Item No. TL3276
Aloe Green Cactus & Succulent 42 5055183994450 2 6
PP Boston Fern in Pot JM 56cm
Item No. TL3052
Fern Green 56 5055183991411
PP Dill in Glass Vase JA 22cm
Item No. TL3110
Green 22 5055183992135 1 12
PP Feather Fern in Raised Pot JM 44cm
Item No. TL3054
Fern Green 44 5055183991435
PP Fern Green in Grey Pot PI 46cm
Item No. TL3173
Fern Green 46 5055183993040 1 6
PP Grass in Raised Pot JM 75cm
Item No. TL3053
Green 75 5055183991428
PP Green Basil in Vase JA 24cm
Item No. TL3113
Basil Green 24 5055183992166 1 12
PP Green Large Leaf in Grey Pot YF 65cm
Item No. TL3278
Green 65 5055183994474 2 4
PP Mint in Glass Vase JA 18cm
Item No. TL3111
Mint Green 18 5055183992142 1 12
PP Potted Herb Basil GB Burgundy 28cm
Item No. TL9254
Basil Purple 28 5055183960301 1 6
PP Potted Herb Basil GB Green 28cm
Item No. TL9255
Basil Green 28 5055183960318 1 6
PP Potted Herb Mint GB Green 27cm
Item No. TL9257
Mint Green 27 5055183960332 1 6
PP Potted Herb Sage GB Green 27cm
Item No. TL9259
Sage Purple 27 5055183960356 1 6
PP Rosemary in Glass Vase JA 21cm
Item No. TL3112
Rosemary Green 21 5055183992159 1 12

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