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CH-Cypress vine w/candle holders 35cm
Item No. TL9889
Pine Green 35 5055183967423
CH-Cypress Wreath w candle hdrs YF 70cm
Item No. TL9890
Cypress Green 70 5055183967430
CH-Cypress Wreath with cones YF 90cm
Item No. TL9873
Cypress Green 90 5055183967263
CH-Potted Pine Needle 68cm
Item No. TL9347
Pine Green 68 5055183961230
CH-Potted Poinsettia Red 26cm
Item No. AC0065
CH-Topiary Ball with White Pot 32cm
Item No. TL9344
CH-Topiary Pine Needle Tree W/Lghts 57cm
Item No. TL9345
Pine Green 57 5055183961216
EXSF Orchid Renantanda Purple S 90cm
Item No. FTS302
Orchid Purple 90 5055183908761
EXSF Rhododendron Salmon S
Item No. FTS81
Orchid Pink 5055183903698
Foliage Ming Aralia Burgundy 70cm FR
Item No. TL904
Maple Red FR 70 5055183908075 12 120
Foliage Plastic Small Twig NG Brown 67cm
Item No. TL7368
Brown 67 5055183936467
Item No. GER-PK
Geranium Pink
I & T Ivy Bush Green 40cm FR
Item No. TL3610
Ivy Green FR 40 5055183998199 48 288
Plants Base Drac Plastic Grn 87.5cm
Item No. TLGK2025
Dracaena Green 87.5 5060012324650
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