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A selection of our premium quality, giant tropical leaves with 55% off until 2nd August.
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AN-Bamburgh Gold Vase Begonia Flame 50cm
Item No. TL9609
Begonia Red 50 1 2 5055183958728
AN-Bamburgh Gold Vase Hyd Pink 50cm
Item No. TL9615
Hydrangea Pink 50 1 2 5055183958780
AN-Bamburgh Slv Leaf Hyd Cream 50cm
Item No. TL9612
Hydrangea White 50 1 2 5055183958759
AN-Beauty Orchids XJ in Bamburgh Vase 90cm
Item No. TL2987
Orchid Pink 90 5055183990612
AN-Beauty Orchids XJ in Leaf Vase 70cm
Item No. TL9903
Orchid White 70 1 2 5055183967560
AN-Beauty Orchids XJ in Silver Bowl 75cm
Item No. TL2984
Orchid Pink 75 5055183990582
AN-Beauty Orchids XJ in Slv Ice Bucket 80cm
Item No. TL2974
Orchid Pink 80 5055183990483
AN-Beauty Orchids XJ in Tall Leaf Vase 85cm
Item No. TL2980
Orchid Pink 85 5055183990544
AN-Bird of Paradise Rato Square Pot 205cm
Item No. TL2605
Bird of Paradise Green 205 1 1 5055183986165
AN-Bird of Paradise Rato Square Pot 205cm
Item No. TL2604
Bird of Paradise Green 205 1 1 5055183986158
AN-Blue Hydrangea in Rnd Gr/Wh Pot 90cm
Item No. TL1896
Hydrangea Blue 90 5055183977880
AN-Bougainvillea 180cm White in Prague Pot
Item No. TL2735
Bougainvillea White 180 1 1 5055183987599
AN-Bougainvillea Pink in Prague Pot 100cm
Item No. TL2719
Bougainvillea Pink 100 1 1 5055183987438
AN-Bougainvillea Pink in Prague Pot 190cm
Item No. TL2734
Bougainvillea Pink 190 1 1 5055183987582
AN-Bougainvillea White in Prague Pot 130cm
Item No. TL2718
Bougainvillea White 130 1 1 5055183987421
AN-Buxus Ball 50 PR in Ant Tower 100cm
Item No. TL2957
Buxus Green 100 5055183990315
AN-Buxus Ball 50 PR in Lofly Pot 85cm
Item No. TL2954
Buxus Green 85 5055183990285
AN-Buxus Ball 50 PR in London Planter 70cm
Item No. TL2970
Buxus Green 70 5055183990445
AN-Buxus Ball 50 PR in Moc Tower 100cm
Item No. TL2956
Buxus Green 100 5055183990308
AN-Buxus Ball Tree PR in Lofly Pot 150cm
Item No. TL2952
Buxus Green 150 5055183990261
AN-Buxus Ball tree PR in London Planter 120cm
Item No. TL2972
Buxus Green 120 5055183990469
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