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Special Offers

Our brand new Contract Range topiary has 55% off for the rest of May.
This promotional collection runs alongside our existing topiary range offering our customers a more affordable option. Our UVSilx colourfast material is injection moulded into our custom made moulds guaranteeing the product a long life while staying true to colour even when left in direct sunlight.
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Topiary Buxus Ball PR 30cm UV
Item No. BOXB42PR
Buxus Green UV 30 1 4 5055183986615
Topiary Buxus Ball PR 40cm UV
Item No. BOX1_2PR
Buxus Green UV 40 1 2 5055183986622
Topiary Buxus Ball PR 50cm UV
Item No. BOXB50PR
Buxus Green UV 50 1 2 5055183986639
Topiary Buxus Ball Tree PR 120cm UV
Item No. BOX1_4PR
Buxus Green UV 120 1 2 5055183986646
Topiary Buxus Double Ball Tree PR 150cm UV
Item No. BOX2_5PR
Buxus Green UV 150 1 1 5055183986653
Topiary Buxus Spiral PR 120cm UV
Buxus Green UV 120 1 2 5055183986660