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Pre-Potted Purple

Our fantastic collection of potted items. A perfect 'out of the box' solution to brighten up any home, office, bar or hotel. In stock products are available for immediate dispatch. 
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PP Grass w/Pot YF 70cm
Item No. TL9285
Other Purple 70 5055183960622 4 16
PP Lavender in Bowl 28cm x 50cm
Item No. TL3487
Lavender Purple 5055183996676 2 4
PP Lavender in Bowl 38cm x 50cm
Item No. TL3495
Lavender Purple 5055183996751 1 1
PP Lavender in Metal Pot 60cm
Item No. TL3489
Lavender Purple 60 5055183996690 1 6
PP Lavender in Slate JM 46cm
Item No. TL3055
Lavender Purple 46 5055183991442
PP Lavender in Trough 60cm
Item No. TL3490
Lavender Purple 5055183996706 1 3
PP Lavender Tray 12 pcs
Item No. TL3496
Lavender Purple 5055183996768 12 96
PP Phal Real Touch Purple W/Pot 30cm
Item No. TL1568
Orchid Purple 30 5055183974421 6 48
PP Potted Herb Basil GB Burgundy 28cm
Item No. TL9254
Basil Purple 28 5055183960301 1 6
PP Potted Herb Sage GB Green 27cm
Item No. TL9259
Sage Purple 27 5055183960356 1 6
PP Soil Moss Phalaenopsis K Purple 58cm
Item No. TL7679
Orchid Purple 58 5055183949856
PP Soil Moss Phalaenopsis K Purple 77cm
Item No. TL7677
Orchid Purple 77 5055183949832

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